22 Ocak 2012 Pazar

Road to Perdition

This is a good film. The quality of this film changes person to person according to your wishes from a film. If you want to be grasped by a real adventure this is for you. If if you are bored of guns and mafias the film may not satisfy you. Yes there are many clichés in this film. The good side of the film is this: although the clichés actors and excitement of the events can create enjoyment.

Tom Hanks is a cool mafia in the film. Jude Law is a serial killer. Although we can't see Jude Law too much he is great at his brutish role. Tyler Hoechlin is a very talented boy. He roles as good as his father(Hanks). The most impressive actor is of course Paul Newman. Determined,brusque,fatherly... He is nominated to Oscar by his great performance. But the film had Oscar by its cinematography.

Film passes in 1931. The decors are wonderful that makes you feel like you are really in 1931.

If you like old times and adventure and great actors I recommend you to watch Road to Perdition. Only bad side of the film is its poster. Its very dark even for a mafia movie.

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