17 Ocak 2012 Salı

Shooting Dogs

A film about genocide in Rwanda. Film's based on a true story. Story teller is a BBC worker in Rwanda. First of all this film is striking. You feel a deep sorrow at the end of the movie. In sensual way I can say this film is a good one. Of course every film about such a tragedy will effect all viewers. But there are some sides of this movie to criticise. The cricism of this movie can not be without a criticism of Western culture.

It is obvious that United Nations has a big responsibility on the genocide. Perhaps U.N. has equal guilt with Hutus. We all know that western countries have a great effect on U.N. This genocide has to be a big issue for West's philosophy to judge itself. They failed on being at the side of humanity just before in Bosnia by ignoring murders of Serbs agains Muslims. To understand West's humanity conception we can look at popular photographer Kevin Carter who won Pulitzer in 1994 by a photo showing a starving toddler whom a vulture landed nearby.

West knows that it's wrong to let a murder. But they do nothing to prevent the death unless the murdered one is a white Christian. Soon they can film all that shaming events for making money by that movie.

Let's turn back to the movie. It is ironic that all Europeans escape from the school where refugees stay but the father Christopher. I think it is just for glorifying Christianity. Hugh Dancy shows a great performance as a teacher in Rwanda. It crushed me to see him escaping with all the other ones.

Finally i see that Europeans or briefly West is always two-faced when it comes to humanism. Thanks to producer of this movie for his baldness about mirroring West in a great clearness.

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