19 Ocak 2012 Perşembe

Under The Tuscan Sun

A film that full of wonderful images from beautiful Italy. Like all Mediterranean countries Italy presents you cheer of life with its heavenly nature. Sea,sun,olive trees, history in every corner... In this film we see an unhappy American woman just like many other films. The woman has an unhappy marriage and like all divorced American women she cast herself to Italy. We saw the same thing in Julia Roberts' Eat,Pray,Love too.

I think Italy is especially choosen by American film makers because of its sexuality. Handsome guys,wonderful shores,gorgeous food,and brilliant landscpe... All these things are just simple elements for preparing an erotic scene to the American film maker. Actually you can hardly find any warm feelings belong to humanity in all these Hollywood movies passing in Europe. All of them offers you sex.
Americans can't catch the warmness of life even in our beautiful Mediterranean lands. The only good side that Hollywood can extract from all kindness of life is sex.

Under The Tuscan Sun has various characters. Americans,Polish workers,Italians,gays,girls,boys,teens,adults... You can't focus on one character and it makes you feel scattered. Diane Lane is a good actress. I liked her very much when she was crazily happy after slept with Marcello the Italian. She was happy for being lusted by a man although her old age.

When she was about to buy a house from Italy the Italian landlady was waiting for a sign from God to sell her house. At that moment a pigeon's shit fell down to Frances' head. This was a sign of good luck in Italian culture. It amazed me because it is the same in Turkish culture too.

Old houses,olive collecters,shores and happy people of Italy are just like Agean Turks.

To see similiarities between Italy and Turkey by an American movie is an irony of fate.

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