2 Ağustos 2012 Perşembe

The Conspirator(2010)

A film that catches you. It tells the story of Anne Surrat who is claimed to be the conspirator of an assasination to Abraham Lincoln  and some ministers. She has a lawyer who does not believe that she is innocent. But she has no other choise. By the time the lawyer who is an old soldier in south-north war defends his client bravely against a jury under great influance of government. Government does not concern about real justice. They only want to call someone as the murderer of Lincoln.

James McAvoy in the role of lawyer is acting very well. He is handsome and charismatic. Robin Wright as Anne Surrat is as good as McAvoy. She is just for her role,beautiful,strong,determined woman. Her make up is very succesful to show her older then real.

The end of movie is not succesful to meet expectations but it worths to watch this.

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